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 Progammable Temperature Controller


Photo of a GB1 temperature controller.Digitry’s GB1 is a temperature controller that couples flexibility of programming with ease of operation. In addition to its use for annealing glass, the GB1 is a favorite of artists doing pâte de verre, lost wax casting, slumping, fusing, kilncasting, ceramics, crystalline glazing etc.
Ramps and soaks can occur in any combination. Each profile can have 15 steps of up to 99 hours each, allowing a total time of over 8 weeks. Plus, the GB1 can store 10 distinct profiles that can be instantly retrieved. For longer or more complex annealing, profiles can be linked.  

The GB1 is the third generation of programmable temperature controllers designed and manufactured by Digitry since 1981. It incorporates the proven features of Digitry’s internationally bestselling GB4 — simplicity, reliability and advanced digital electronics — into a unit designed for glass and ceramic artists who need sophisticated control of a single annealing oven, kiln, lehr or furnace. Simply key in the points of your profiles and let Digitry do the rest!

 Features and Benefits
  • Up to 15 set points for each of 10 separate temperature profiles gives you a nearly limitless number of temperature profiles with automatic calculation and control of ramps between set points.
  • Automated control eliminates time-consuming and awkward manual temperature adjustments while achieving smooth ramping.
  • Simple programming makes it easy to specify up to 99 hours per step, giving a total time of approximately 8 weeks. You can link several schedules to extend the control period.
  • Retains all temperature profiles — even without power.
  • Automated control lets you set your own schedule — no need to be on-site for set point changes. Fire your kiln during lower-cost, offpeak energy periods.
  • Temperature and ramping accuracy let you expand your product range, increase your productivity and enhance your creativity.
  • The auto-hold feature ensures that your preset temperature is reached.
  • Delayed start allows automatic preheating so that your oven is ready when you are.
  • Skip-step capability and keypad-initiated soak provide extra control for special techniques such as kiln forming and fusing.
  • Intelligent recovery protects your work from power failures. After an outage, the controller automatically decides how best to proceed.
  • Built-in warnings signal thermocouple burn-out and other malfunctions. You can connect an external alarm, such as a light, bell or phone dialer, for extra protection.
  • The large LED display clearly indicates program step, remaining step time, temperature, mode and operation.
  • Furnace versions are available for both gas and electric furnaces.
  • Automatic cold junction compensation; temperature readings in degrees Fahrenheit (Celsius optional).
  • System options and accessories include key lock security to prevent accidental or unauthorized program changes, proportional output, remote thermocouple amplifiers (sending units), remote display repeaters, data logging and graphing with a PC.
How easy is it to program your GBl? As this sample program shows, its just as easy as using a pocket calculator.
Press: To:
PROFILE 5 let the GBl know you want to program profile #5.
program oven to ramp up evenly
to 650 deg. F in 2 hours and 45 minutes.
soak at 650 deg. F
for 3 hours.
1050 ENTER
ramp up to 1050 deg. F
in 7 hours.
1050 ENTER
soak at 1050 deg. F
for 2 hours and 15 minutes.
1200 ENTER
ramp up to 1200 deg. F
in 1 hour.
ramp down to 350 deg. F
in 7 hours.
The profile is now entered.
ENTER 5 start profile #5 running.

Graph of temperature profile just entered above.

Photo of the faceplate of the GB1.

 GB1 Specifications

The GB1 Programmable Temperature Controller, standard unit, is designed for use with a Type K thermocouple. Temperature readings are in degrees Fahrenheit. Key lock security, Celsius temperature readings and European options are available.

Power Reqirements: 3 watts at 110–120 volts A.C., 60 Hz
(220–240 volts, 50 cycle available).
Temperature Input: Type K: 32–2400°F (0–1300°C) or
Type S or R: 50–3200°F (10–1700°C)
Automatic cold junction compensation
Resolution: 1 part in 4100
Repeatability: 1 degree
Timing: Crystal controlled timer
Output Choices: • ON/OFF Control for mercury or
mechanical contractor; 3 amps at
24–140 volts A.C. (24–280 volts
optional), fused internally,
• 4–20 mA current loop, or
• 9 volt DC for solid state relays
Programming: 10 profiles, each having up to 15 steps of up to 99 hours each, for a total of over 61 days per profile
Dimensions (HxWxD): 7-1/2" x 4-1/3" x 2-3/8"
Operator Interface: • 1/2" 7-segment red LEDs
• 16-position dust and moisture resistant, unitized keypad.

For More Information

If you have a need to control up to five annealing ovens, let us give you the facts on our GB5 Programmable Temperature Controller. You’ll see why Digitry has set an international standard for microprocessor-based temperature controllers.
Please view our web pages at www.digitry.com, where you can find additional information, including product descriptions and manuals, usage tips, price sheets, and order forms.
Address inquiries on Digitry’s GB Series controllers to:

Digitry Company, Inc.
449 Forest Avenue, Suite 9
Portland, ME 04101
Phone: (207) 774-0300
FAX: (617) 484-5220
E-mail: info@digitry.com

Equipment Manuals
Since the beginning of 2002, Digitry's GB1 has been available with a choice of two interfaces: the Classic Interface and the Step-Time Interface. With the Classic Interface, the user enters the total time from the beginning of the profile to the end of each step. With the Step-Time Interface, the user enters the time just for each step itself. Manuals for both interfaces are available below.

GB1 Classic Interface manual
GB1 Step-Time Interface manual 

The above manuals are in Adobe .PDF format. If you need a free copy of the Adobe Acrobat Reader, you may download one at this link.

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